One-Shot Tournament 2021 – The Final, October 03, 2022

After a few weeks of competition, our One Shot Tournament 2021 approaching its end, with a final that will oppose The Voices of a Distant Star and My Broken Mariko!

In the semi-finals, Mizu Sahara’s sensitive and poetic adaptation of Makoto Shinkai’s medium-length film had to fight to the end to win with 51.49% of the votes on He Who Haunted Darkness, Lovecraft’s adaptations by Gou Tanabe being decidedly always cursed by failing close to the goal each time.

For its part, the human and moving road trip of Waka Hirako had no difficulty in getting rid of Our best lives by garnering 69.77% of the votes. After having rolled on all its duels, the title arises as the favorite of this final.

You have until next Monday at midnight to vote in this final!

The final :

The Voices of a Distant Star VS My Broken Mariko

Here is a reminder on the selection:

Regulars of the site are now familiar with the operation, but here is a topo.

On the program, a selection of 32 new one-shots published in France in 2021, where we have tried to strike a balance between popularity, representativeness of publishers and favourites. Also, as almost always, we have retained neither sequels/spin-offs of well-known works, nor reissues.

As always, for maximum objectivity in the confrontations and to give more chances to certain less popular titles, the draw for the duels was made on alphabetical criteria: the 1st in the alphabetical order against the last, the 2nd against the penultimate, etc.

And a reminder of how to vote:

1/ To vote, you must be logged into your account.

2/ Then go to the Tournament home page via the banner below.

3/ Then, click on the “1/16” tab to access the current round. Over the weeks, you will have to click on “1/8”, then “1/4” until you reach the “Final” tab.

4/ Once on the page dedicated to the current round, select the series you wish to support. To do this, you must click on the cover of the album of your choice. It is then surrounded by an orange frame.
Warning: You must click on the cover and not on the series title banner. If you do this, you will be redirected to the page of the series in question.
If neither of the two opposing titles interests you, you just have to choose neither of them.

5/ Once you have selected all the albums you wish to support, at the very bottom of the page, you can click on the “Validate my votes” tab.

6/ A message informs you that your vote has been taken into account, and you can now access the Tournament statistics, which are displayed in the form of percentages.


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