Olympique complains of an arbitral injustice modifying the outcome of the match!

It’s only the start of the season and already the controversy surrounding the arbitration is resurfacing.

”RCA vs OCS” is an illustration of this. The OCS cries scandal and theft after its match played in Casablanca last Sunday. Scandal because the Mesfiouis believe they were ”massacred” by referee Arzazi during their match against the Rajaouis played as part of the first day. On the fly because they would have been deprived of the victory because of the unfair refereeing decisions of which they would have been victims.

They mainly put forward some proof of this in sequences and extracts from the match in support:

– A blatant penalty not whistled in their favor,
– A regular and valid goal invalidated for a non-existent offside of which they would have been deprived.
-A dubious penalty whistled against them at the origin of the first goal of the adversary.
-A non-existent corner causing the opponent’s equalizing goal.

The SCO, after media protests, moved on to official claims. He seized the CCA and the DNA.

Either way, the damage would already be done. They know that ; only they want to dot the i’s and insist on having been victims of ”unfair” decisions which would have changed the course and the final result of the match.

It was referee Arzazi’s first game in Botola D1. But at the VAR, there was a confirmed and experienced international.

The DNA will rule on contentious cases during its technical meeting. She had launched several new referees who had whistled their first matches in professional D1 on the first day. Arzazi is part of the lot. Hadqa, Guezzaz and company will take stock of it.


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