“Nouadhibou is a very tough opponent, but…”

The Association Sportive de la Kozah (ASKO) is hosting FC Nouadhibou this Sunday in the first round of the CAF Champions League preliminaries. On the eve of this meeting in Lomé, Abalo Dosseh, the technical director of the Togolese club was in front of the press.

In the pre-match conference, the technician mentioned the dynamics in which his group wants to approach the meeting.

ASKO already in his match

No team can say they are ready. But, we worked, we made friendly matches, we settled a lot of things. Now, tomorrow’s match we will see if everything has been really mastered on our side.

ASKO’s objectives

We are not only going there for the preliminary rounds. Our goal is to go to the group stage. And that goes through an elimination of our opponent. Everything goes through the first game tomorrow at home. We are well prepared so that this time, we take this step.

An idea about the adversary

Well before our draw, since one of our compatriots (Amatchoutchoui, editor’s note) signed for this club, I got into the habit of following his matches a bit. After the draw, I did a lot of research on this team. It’s a very difficult team to play, especially at home. But for now it’s the first leg, and it’s at home.

We also noticed that 80% of the players evolve with the national team of Mauritania, we tried to watch their way of playing. We know he’s a very tough opponent, but as I say, we’ve prepared well.

The form of the players

It is true that those who returned from the selection are a little tired. But when they arrived we worked for the recovery. They will play or not, we will know tomorrow.

Public input

We expect a lot from the fans. We need their support. ASKO defends Togo as a whole. Everyone is invited to support this team.

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