Nokia launches subscriptions: rent your smartphone instead of buying it

HMD, the company that owns Nokia, has announced a subscription allowing you to rent a smartphone at a low price.

The offer, called Circular, aims to limit the impact of smartphones on the planet, by recycling devices that have reached the end of their life, or by reusing those that are no longer rented.

As Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD explains, “most people have a drawer full of old phones at home. It’s something we hope to change by giving individuals and businesses a way to get the most out of Nokia devices while leaving the smallest possible footprint on the planet.“.

To achieve this, the company will assume the life cycle of the device. “Not just by ensuring they last longer in the hands of our fans, which has always been at the heart of our product design process, but also by making, reusing and recycling“, announces the CEO.

The offer, available in a few countries (including Germany and the United Kingdom), starts from 12 euros per month for a Nokia T10 (value: 199 euros), and can go up to 30 euros per month for a Nokia X30 (value: 549 euros). For this monthly price, the smartphone can be replaced in the event of theft, loss or accident.

The most loyal customers will be rewarded. “The longer you keep a device, the more “seeds” you’ll acquire to support various sustainability-focused causes and charitable efforts: planting trees, capturing carbon from the atmosphere, removing plastic from rivers, or providing connectivity to those in need“, explains Nokia in its press release.

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