Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye 007 is resurrected on Switch

One of the best Nintendo 64 games resurfaces on Switch, via Switch Online, but also on Xbox Game Pass.

It is an announcement that will certainly bring back many memories to those who knew this time. GoldenEye 007, which had been one of the cult games of the Nintendo 64, signs its return on the Nintendo Switch. The studio that developed it at the time, Rare, announced the news in the day of September 13 on Twitter.

A cult Nintendo 64 game

This communication comes at a time when Rare informed in parallel the exit of GoldenEye 007 on Xbox, through the Game Pass. No wonder: the studio turns out to be a property of Microsoft since 2002. It therefore adapts its classic to the console of its house. No date has been indicated for the arrival of the game on Switch and Xbox.

As part of the Xbox version, Rare reports that adjustments have been made to prepare for this port: there is talk of very high definition (4K) image quality and a smoother frame refresh rate . Additionally, Achievements have been included. Rare does not specify if the port on Switch, via the offer Nintendo Switch Onlinewill be entitled to the same changes.

Graphics that were pleasant at the time. // Source: Rare

Released in 1997, the video game is therefore celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year. First-person shooter (FPS), it sets the plot of the film GoldenEye with Pierce Brosnan. But beyond the screenplay proximity, the game was especially praised for its excellent gameplay, including the functioning of artificial intelligence, but also for its graphics, which were very good for the time.

GoldenEye was also very popular for its multiplayer mode, which was able to extend its lifespan enormously. And the success was there, even if it was a console FPS. Moreover, Rare has sold just over 8 million copies and has taken over the structure of the game to design a kind of spiritual sequel. With Perfect Dark : if the sets have changed, the gameplay has remained.

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