Niger. A project for better electrification

With a total cost of 317.5 million dollars, this project aims to accelerate access to electricity for households, health and education establishments, businesses and also to offer its own cooking solutions and effective in Niger.

“Hask√©” revolves around several axes, in particular, the strengthening and expansion of transmission and distribution networks to increase access to the electrical service connected to the network, the strengthening of the ecosystem for the development of mini-grids powered photovoltaic solar energy in rural areas.

In addition, there is also the expansion component of access to off-grid solar electricity and clean and efficient cooking solutions, the improvement of the operational performance of the public unit service, the institutional strengthening technical assistance, the implementation support and finally contingent emergency interventions.

According to the Minister of State in charge of Energy and Renewable Energies Ibrahim Yacoubou, the energy situation of the country is currently characterized by a limited access of the populations to the various forms of modern energies.

The rate of “household access to electricity at the national level, which is around 17.56%, remains the lowest in the sub-region”, he also indicated.


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