News | YouTuber Squeezie edits his latest video after extras are raped

It must have been a nice ending scene. But for Squeezie, the happening organized by an extra from his last video turned out to be bad buzz. After the box produced by the first opus of his concept of “Where is Giant Charlie”, which had been viewed more than 9 million times, the youtuber released a second part this Wednesday. At the end of the sequence, Squeezie gave way to one of his subscribers who was among the extras so that he could make his marriage proposal.

But the nice surprise did not last long. On Twitter, a young woman reacted by indicating: “Seeing your rapist look like a really good guy at the end of Squeezie’s video, pretty cool to start the day”. Before specifying that his accusations were aimed at the fiancĂ© and that she was 14 years old at the time of the facts while he was in his twenties.

The young woman then posted a screenshot of a message from another alleged victim who accuses the same man of sexual assault.

In other tweets, she published excerpts from videos posted on TikTok and in which she specifies that the facts would have been committed “near Lille”.

“Today a little complicated day when I discover the person who abused / sexually assaulted me in 2013/2014 on a Squeezie video, and I also learn that I am not the only one but that we are dozens of victims “later added another user on Twitter.

Faced with the magnitude of the controversy, the most followed French youtuber with 17.3 million subscribers published a message on Thursday indicating that it had modified. “Following several rape accusations against an extra from my last video, we have decided to remove the passage in which he appears”he explains. “These charges were brought against him after the video was broadcast, and target facts that would go back several years. We give our full support to those affected by this situation.”

For the moment, it is not known whether an investigation has been opened.

This Friday, the excerpt disappeared from the video which already has nearly five million views.

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