New measures to regulate gas consumption

Italian Minister for Energy Transition Roberto Cingolani unveiled new measures on Tuesday to regulate gas consumption during the winter and deal with the energy crisis.

The temperature in apartment buildings and other public buildings will be regulated at 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit), one degree Celsius cooler than before, the minister said during the presentation of the national plan for the regularization of gas consumption.

The figure will be set at 17C for industrial premises, he noted, adding that heating will also be on one hour less each day.

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Rome is also in talks with industry lobby Confindustria to agree a further reduction in gas consumption on a voluntary basis, the official said, pointing out that Italy will commission its first floating regasification plant in the first few months. 2023 and will continue to support the energy transition which will significantly reduce gas demand.

Italy hopes the restrictions will reduce its gas consumption by 3.2 billion cubic meters in the August-March period and aims to reduce another 2.1 billion cubic meters by using alternative fuels to generate electricity .

These measures could be complemented by other incentives encouraging individual users and businesses to reduce their consumption, which means that overall demand could fall by 15%, in line with wider European Union plans, the minister said. .

The Italian government has already allocated 52 billion euros to fight the rise in energy prices and could add another 10 to 15 billion this week.

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