Nerac. Flutes and Friends, a story of musical friendships

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The festival off will be animated by the presence of several artists, starting with locals, with the ensemble Flûtes and Friends gathered around Bernard Salles.

Flutes and Friends will be on the Off stage of the second edition of the Albret Jazz Festival on Saturday September 10, at 3 p.m. at La Garenne. The Flutes and Friends adventure started in December 2021.

“We are very motivated for the festival”

Beyond being a musical adventure, this project, on the initiative of Bernard Salles, is also a story of friendships between several local musicians. Bernard Salles, flautist and director of the Albret music and dance school, has created an album around the Alto, transverse, Irish flutes, as well as the pan flute. The listener is transported on a journey around the world with Kabyle, Irish, New York or even Brazilian accents… Since the release of the album Flûtes and Friends and its arrival on the platforms (Deezer, Sptotify, Apple Music…) at last spring, the troupe of ten musicians did not have the opportunity to meet on stage. “We had the nice surprise of being invited to the Off stage of the Albret Jazz Festival on Saturday afternoon in the splendid setting of the Parc de la Garenne”, underlines Bernard Salles.

Also, the rehearsals resumed even more during two intense days in residence at the Espace d’Albret. “Beyond the album, we are very motivated to perform new songs that we have specially selected for the Néracais festival”, adds the musician. For 1 hour and 15 minutes, the ensemble will perform, among others, arranged standards by Stevie Wonder, Georges Ben, Idir and Alfredo Rodriguez…

In addition to the singer Rosi Garrido, who will be absent, the public will appreciate the talent of the musicians of Flûtes and Friends, with Arnaud Bonnet on the violin, Christian Laborde on the guitar, Julien Régnier-Krief on the guitar, Jacques Ballue on the piano, Pierre Savary on the percussion, Serge Brésolin on bass, Thierry Sterna on trombone, Dalila Azouz on vocals, Laurent Mercadier on vocals and Bernard Salles on flutes.

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