MUSIC: “Where you run”, the new solar title by Mario Barravecchia

Twenty after being a finalist for the first Star Academy on TF1, Mario Barravecchia, based in Beaune, has just released a single, “Where you run”, is preparing an album, the stage and a book.

“Music is my life, it’s my DNA” the singer tells us straight away. But if Mario Barravecchia, finalist of the first season of the musical show Star Academy in 2001 recognizes that the spotlight shines a little less on his career, his new life as an entrepreneur suits him perfectly.

You put your musical career aside for twelve years

Mario Barravecchia : “The break I did in 2010 was beneficial to me. The job was becoming more and more difficult, too demanding. Today, at 45, I won’t sing a song that doesn’t sound like me. I am no longer under the pressure of a record company which imposes a style, a song on me. The album that I prepare, I do it without anguish and without stress. I’m not saying to myself that it absolutely has to work. Today I have companies that work well, I work like everyone else. I earn my living. Which allows me to make music again, but more out of pure passion, because it’s still an important part of my life. But hey, despite everything, I’m going to do everything for this album to work.

Media presence

“I have always been present in the media for the past ten years by the invitation of certain television programs like, What have they become ? I am also a business manager with Welcome Magazine which allowed me to be invited to the media to talk about it. I also wrote a song for the 70th anniversary of Italian immigration in Belgium, for which I brought together a host of Italian-Belgian artists like Frédéric François. It allowed me to wink at my maternal grandfather who had come from Italy to work in the mines. And then I also sang in the last album of duets by Frédéric François”

An unexpected new album

“Actually I wasn’t supposed to do an album right away. But there was the 20th anniversary of Star’Ac last year and I recognize that it triggered lots of projects and proposals. My daughter who is 11 years old and my little boy, 7 years old, also pushed me to sing again. In fact, apart from broadcasts and screens, my children have never really seen me sing live on stage.

The album in preparation

“I’m lucky to be surrounded by young songwriters; a team from Lyon with an average age of 25, which allowed me to find a certain balance with them. I let myself be guided in the way of singing, of putting the words, of interpreting as well. I am very happy. There will be at least one duet in this album, I really want it, but for the moment there is the single and the clip of the title, Where you run»

where you run»

“It’s a solar title that speaks of endangerment and the fear of losing the other. I think it’s happened at least once to everyone in their life. It’s not a very original story after all, but I thought that for a return to the musical scene, with a title that makes me vibrate, it actually gives a lot of good vibes because it is solar ”

A solar clip

“As the lyrics are not very joyful, we wanted not to fall into melodrama with the clip and make something solar. Because even if it’s a sad story, the important thing is the end of things. And with this clip and these images, the end is still very joyful.


“There is the Côte-d’Or Song festival on December 10 at the Palais des Congrès in Dijon, I am also preparing the stage, the album, and then at the end of the year a book on Charcot’s disease. He will talk about my dad who died in 2019 from this neuromuscular pathology. I will tell about the last six months with my dad, but also about euthanasia, because in my opinion, we cannot leave a person suffering.

Norbert Banchet

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