Moving funeral in Rabat of Fathallah Lamghari

Rabat, – The remains of the late Fathallah Lamghari, an emblematic figure of Moroccan music, were buried on Sunday in the “Chouhada” cemetery in Rabat, after the prayers of Al Asr and the deceased, in an atmosphere of meditation and great emotion.

The funeral of the author-composer-lyricist Fathallah Lamghari, who died at the age of 82, took place in the presence of relatives of the deceased, artists and political figures.

Many artists and friends of the deceased affirmed, in testimonies collected by MAP, that the national artistic scene had just lost one of its avant-garde pillars which marked the Moroccan musical field in the sixties, adding that the late Fathallah Lamghari distinguished himself as one of the pioneers and founders of Moroccan song, having influenced several generations through his artistic works. In this context, the artist Mohamed El Ghaoui highlighted the human and professional qualities of the deceased, as well as his support actions in favor of budding artists.

The musician and composer Noureddine Tantaoui particularly noted the late Lamghari’s contribution to the enrichment of the national music repertoire, noting that his songs have been covered by several artists.

The late Fathallah Lamghari left behind him songs like “Allah Ala Raha”, “Faynek Al Hbib” or even “Wallah manta maana”, a musical anthology rooted in the history of Moroccan song.

Through several texts of songs which have been very successful, the late lyricist Fathallah Lamghari has distinguished himself by his immortal works, in particular “Maghiyara”, “Kass El Bellar” and “Mouhal Ynessak Elbal”, in addition to “Nidaa Al Hassan” written on the occasion of the glorious Green March and which denotes great patriotism.


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