Morocco takes part in a military exercise sponsored by the United States

Eager Lion, held September 4-15, 2022, is one of the largest military exercises in the region, designed to exchange military skills and improve interoperability between partner nations, including counter-terrorism operations. terrorism and threats of weapons of mass destruction.

In a press release, the Jordanian army announces that this tenth session of the exercise aims to allow “joint work in the field of the fight against terrorism, the development of security capacities and cooperation between the and institutions of different countries to respond to security threats and internal crises”.

“Eager Lion is a multi-faceted event that demonstrates our commitment to partnerships and responsive joint forces operating in complex environments that offer no easy wins or quick wins,” said Major General Steven J. deMilliano. , director of the Office of Exercises and Training at U.S. Central Command.

This year’s program aims to test interoperability by addressing regional challenges in the air, land, sea and cyber domains. It will feature a combined arms live-fire exercise, a command post exercise and a high-level seminar to facilitate information sharing from the tactical to the strategic level.

About 1,700 U.S. military personnel, 2,200 Jordanian Armed Forces personnel and 591 coalition personnel from 28 other partner nations are participating or observing the multilateral military training exercise, which was scheduled for 2021 but postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID 19, Central Command said.

Apart from Morocco and Jordan, other Arab countries participating in the military exercises include Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait


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