Morocco received Caesar artillery from France

The Royal Armed Forces have received the first batch of 36 “Caesar” artillery weapons from the French manufacturer Nexter Systems, we learn from the specialized media “The defense post”, which emphasizes that this shipment is the fruit of the agreement sealed in 2020, for self-propelled guns and ammunition worth 200 million Euros.

The same source clarifies that the FAR has asked Nexter to produce artillery systems that can be mounted on military-grade trucks for improved range and mobility. The weapons are also equipped with the necessary components to meet the fire support needs of Morocco’s rapid deployment force.

“This type of mobile system with rapid start-up will considerably strengthen the firepower of the Royal Moroccan Artillery, thus providing effective support on the ground to the various infantry and mechanized brigades among others”, reports the media.

As for the Caesar artillery system, it is a 52 caliber 155 millimeter weapon capable of firing six to eight rounds per minute. A unit of eight Caesar self-propelled artillery systems can fire over a ton of projectiles per minute.

The 6×6 vehicles included with the Caesars meanwhile have cabins that can protect a six-man crew from shrapnel fragments and small-arms fire. They are also equipped with instruments for navigation, sighting, ballistic calculations and command aids.

Note that the Caesar artillery system is currently in service in several countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and France.


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