Morocco best country in North Africa

In its 2022 annual report on “economic freedom” in the world, the Canadian think tank “Fraser Institute”, specializing in research and training, published its 2022 ranking. Morocco is in 99th place with a score of (6.5/10) certainly gaining two places compared to 2021, but still losing five ranks compared to 2020. For this 2022 vintage, 165 countries were meticulously tested on economic freedom.

The Kingdom of Morocco is tied with South Africa, Colombia and Tanzania and is in the continental top 10. At the top of the African ranking, we find Mauritius (9), the only African country to be ranked in the first category of “Freest”. In the second part of the ranking are Botswana (49), Gambia (58), Uganda (60), Kenya (78) and Rwanda (81), while in the third part there is the Nigeria (92), Zambia (98).

The economic freedom of the countries for Fraser Institute is combined, according to five criteria, the size of the government, the legal system and the property rights, the sound currency, the freedom to trade on an international scale as well as the regulation. Fraser Institute measures disruptions to the functioning of market processes by public agencies, either directly through state interventionism or indirectly through regulation and market institutions. As for the other data studied, the institute based itself on those of 2020.

In detail, our country in terms of the category of the size of the government apparatus, is ranked 84e63e at the level of the legal structure and the security of the right of ownership, 120e regarding access to sound money, 101e on the chapter of freedom of international trade and 98e with respect to the regulation of credit, labor and commercial activities. So many notes that explain why the Kingdom enjoys greater attractiveness in the region to foreign investors.

Indeed, Morocco is the first country that most guarantees economic freedom in the Maghreb. With an average of 6.55 pts/10, Morocco is ahead of Mauritania (125), Tunisia (128), Algeria (157) and Libya which occupies the 160th place worldwide. In addition, the Kingdom is the only country in the region to obtain above average scores on the indicators and is part of the third category of free countries, unlike the other nations in the region which vegetate in the category of “less free”. At the global level, it is Hong Kong which, from its first place, ‘keeps its head’ with a score of 8.59 pts, followed by Singapore (8.48 points), Switzerland (8.37 points) who move up a rank, New Zealand (8.27 points) and Denmark (8.09 points).

The report placed Algeria in the last category, “Less free”. The largest country in Africa takes 157th place out of 165 countries assessed, with a score of 5.12/10. It thus appears among the last ten on the list, and is only ahead of the Republic of Congo, Iran, Libya, Argentina, Syria, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Venezuela. The explanation is to be found in the bad governance of the regime of the capos of Algiers which installed a cynical, bloody and totalitarian tyranny at the head of the country. We must also see, in this despotism characterized by the senile Muppet show made in Algeria, the manifest desire to prevent, to undertake and to invest in Algerian citizens for the benefit of the generals, which obviously slows down the development of the country in end up dunce of the class.

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