Morocco and France called upon to preserve their relationship and project it in the face of new challenges

Morocco and France are called upon to preserve their close relationship and project it in the face of new challenges, the Kingdom’s ambassador to France, Mohamed Benchaaboun, stressed on Tuesday.

France and Morocco have a close relationship, which draws its strength and resilience from a deep friendship and converging interests that we must together preserve and project to meet the heavy challenges of this new world.“, said Mr. Benchaâboun during the 8th edition of the “Dinner of Franco-Moroccan friendship”, held in Mantes-la-Ville, in the Paris region, at the initiative of the association of Elected Representatives of Yvelines and Friends from Morocco.

These challenges, the Ambassador asserted, ”create between our two peoples a requirement for cooperation and challenge the strategic partnership between Morocco and France, called to be constantly renewed”.

In this sense, he noted that Morocco and France have a convergence of views on major international and regional issues. ” Our exceptional partnership reinforces the Euro-Mediterranean and Euro-African strategy to intelligently address the many regional and bilateral challenges.“, he said about it.

“As a bridge between Africa and Europe, a crossroads of civilizations, a country of transit, Morocco, in a spirit of responsibility and consultation, works to overcome the obstacles generated by the migratory phenomenon”, he said. he indicates.

Mr. Benchaaboun also noted that the Kingdom’s commitment to peace and stability in the world is a constant, stressing that Morocco is deeply attached to multilateralism and joint action in international and regional organizations.

Regarding the Moroccan Sahara, the diplomat affirmed that “the important and irreversible developments that we have experienced on this issue are decisive for the future of our region, its stability and its security”.

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And to affirm that “the growing, clear support for the Moroccan autonomy initiative, on the table of the UN since 2007, as the only solution to this regional dispute, is part of a strong dynamic international community to resolve this artificial conflict. Benefiting from clear support, this dynamic must and can only accelerate”.

The exceptional investment program launched by the Kingdom establishes its southern provinces as a real pole of investment, growth and human development, he continued, noting that the development efforts consolidate regional stability and strengthen ties. strategic between Europe and Africa.

On the economic level, an immense potential remains to be explored, raised the Moroccan diplomat, noting that this authorizes to envisage the intensification of cooperation in this field, in particular around the inflections induced by the digital and ecological transitions.

To this end, he noted that France, due to its historical, economic and cultural proximity, has immense assets to promote structuring projects, adding that a new concerted approach, based on the sharing of value, should be initiated.

And to point out that ”the reorganization of international value chains, the requirements of the fight against climate change, with its effects on migration, the political evolutions of the positions of many countries such as the United States, Germany and Spain on the case of the Sahara have enabled Morocco to anticipate in order to shorten value chains and make logistics a lever for development”.

For his part, the Franco-Moroccan Lahbib Eddaouidi, publication director of La Gazette de la Défense and the Gazette de Saint Quentin and founder of LFM Radio, co-organizer of this meeting, noted that Morocco and France are two nations whose intensity of relations is matched only by their longevity.

It is more important than ever for us to remember the greatness of our bonds, because what forges them saw us born and will bury us.“, he pointed out on this occasion, which celebrates France-Morocco friendship.

For his part, Pierre Bédier, president of the Departmental Council of Yvelines, indicated that this event, which constitutes a manifestation of friendship between Morocco and France, is also a manifestation of tolerance between the two countries.

This friendly relationship between France and Morocco is an incredible relationship. We need this Franco-Moroccan relationship there and here, because today the national and the international are closely linked.“, he argued.

The sub-prefect of Mantes-la Ville, Jean-louis Amat, meanwhile, noted that this event is an important moment to strengthen the ties that unite France and the Kingdom.

Morocco, he said, is a country of stability and security, which is important for business and for business leaders, recalling that the French represent 33% of tourist attendance in Morocco.

The France-Morocco friendship dinner brought together elected officials from Mantes-la-Ville, departmental and regional councillors, elected officials, mayors, business leaders and many Moroccans and French people.

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