Moroccan Sahara: Algeria condemns in advance any potential outcome of the round tables

To demand a referendum on self-determination, whatever the outcome of the negotiations, conducted under the aegis of the United Nations, is to condemn in advance the efforts of the United Nations and the hopes of the Security Council to reach a settlement of the artificial conflict on the question of the Sahara.

From“a neighboring and observer country”this step is neither more nor less an obstruction to the efforts of the Security Council, which is thus enjoined to follow to the letter the recommendations of “strike force” Maghreb and Africa, which is paradoxically incapable of providing the Algerian people with foodstuffs on a regular and permanent basis.

Why is our neighbor to the east, which had historically “conquered Spain”, according to Tebboune, taking this suicidal approach? Algeria has recognized the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) since the beginning of 1976, and would therefore not accept any other status for this territory other than that which Algeria has chosen unilaterally for the settlement of the Sahara issue, which has been the object of a conflict for 50 years and whose final status the United Nations and the Security Council are still seeking.

Morocco proposes autonomy, which is a democratic practice in force in several western democratic countries (as opposed to the so-called socialist popular democracies). In all its resolutions, for 20 years (2007), the Security Council has not stopped boasting “the seriousness and credibility of Morocco’s efforts” for the settlement of this artificial conflict, created from scratch by “our Algerian brothers”, in the context of the cold war, noting the very short registration at the UN registry of another Polisario proposal .

Our “brothers”, despite the injection of substantial lobbying funds into the United States, to obtain a rollback from the Security Council, and to wipe the slate clean of the process initiated since 2007, are calling for a return to the 1991 resolutions and obsolete plans and obsolete, overtaken by events. Having participated in four round tables, organized by the former special envoys of the Secretary General of the United Nations, our “brothers” Algerians decide, this time, to boycott this format of negotiations, which involved Algeria, as a party to this conflict, like Mauritania.

Today, Algeria claims the status of a country “neighbor and observer”which would only be concerned in this capacity by this conflict, although our Algerian “brothers” harbor bands of terrorists and mercenaries on Algerian territory, who cross the Algerian borders to attack Morocco, finance these bands as well as their “diplomatic network”, with Algerian passports, sometimes falsified (case of Brahim Ghali), are delivered “recognition” on orders, carry out a vast diplomatic campaign, via their diplomats, in all the world forums, to contest the Moroccan claims.

Are these actions those of“a neighboring and observer country” who has squandered for this cause some 500 billion dollars, since 1975, drawn from the resources of the poor Algerian people, frequently left to fend for themselves, including when it comes to their subsistence. The Algeria that needs to be baptized “the fulcrum of division, discord, hatred, separatism” in the Arab world and in Africa, wants to present itself, despite everything, as a so-called “gatherer” of the Arab nation, to recover an international aura of yesteryear, built, thanks to petrodollars, on lies, propaganda, despotism and injustices.

It was in 1988 that the truth, the whole truth, broke out in Algeria, when the army fired on a crowd of peaceful demonstrators, demanding what to eat. All parts of the plan “progressive” have since collapsed. Neither Laamamra, nor Bellani, and even less Tebboune and Chengriha will be able to restore the old clichés of a progressive country, driven solely by the ideals of the liberation of the peoples.

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