Moroccan offensive diplomacy explained by a specialist

Kenya’s new president, William Ruto, announced on Wednesday the withdrawal of recognition of his country from the ghostly SADR and the break, therefore, of all diplomatic ties with this self-proclaimed republic.

Kenya revokes its recognition of SADR and takes steps to reduce the presence of this entity in the country tweeted President Ruto after meeting Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita, who came to convey to him the congratulations of King Mohammed VI on his election.

A joint statement, passages of which have been made public by the website of the State House of the Republic of Kenya (State House), states that ” the Republic of Kenya has decided to revoke its recognition of the pseudo SADR » out of respect for the principle of territorial integrity and non-interference, ” and to begin the steps for the closure of its representation in the country, Kenya giving its full support to the serious and credible autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom of Morocco, as a unique solution based on the territorial integrity of Morocco , to resolve this dispute “.

Some say that this change in Kenya’s position on the Sahara issue is seen as the result of offensive Moroccan diplomacy and a real diplomatic breakthrough in Africa for Morocco.

Considered until then as one of the essential supports of this separatist movement, with Algeria its godfather who created it and South Africa who sponsors it, the polisario sees itself from this fact, little by little eject from the African context where he thought he had found refuge, the time of an empty chair.

A new page is now opening in the relations between Morocco and Kenya, which are called upon to play a driving role for the development of Africa. Indeed, the two Nations are committed to raising their bilateral diplomatic relations to the level of strategic partnership in the next six months, as underlined in the press release which adds that the Republic of Kenya is preparing to open its embassy in Rabat.

Hespress FR has asked Paris-based political scientist and journalist Mustapha Tossa to explain the implications of this decision.

It is a real performance of Moroccan diplomacy to convince a country as important and influential within the African Union (AU) as Kenya to withdraw its recognition of the pseudo SADR and the Polisario“, he assures from the outset.

And explain that “It was done with a lot of discretion and fieldwork. Which gives us an idea of ​​the African diplomatic choices to come, namely, to discreetly plow the African territory. We will then try, with great efficiency and good results, to convince the countries that still recognize this puppet entity to withdraw their support and prepare the final blow, for this regional discord, through the expulsion of this pseudo-republic of the AU“.

Our interlocutor gives the recent example of Tunis to support his remarks: “NWe recently experienced the pollution that this created during the summit in Tunis between the AU and Japan at the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), precisely because of this ghostly entity. The multiple international partnerships between the AU and other economic and political spaces with various geostrategic and other challenges, Japan, China, the European Union, the United States, Russia, etc., suffer because this ghostly republic becomes the gravedigger of AU interests “.

Returning to the diplomatic success of Morocco, he maintains that“So indeed, this is great news for Moroccan diplomacy and then it tells us a little bit about the evolution of this conflict, namely that from now on, there will only be the United Nations (UN) to be , qualified to deal with this problem. They are going to treat it with the solution that Morocco is proposing, that of discussing the autonomy “.

The importance of the Kenyan example, continues Mustapha Tossa, ” is that it will have repercussions on other African countries with a snowball effect”.

For Moroccan diplomacy “The main issue is the AU and the countries that make it up in order to convince them to succeed in ejecting the ghostly republic of the Polisario as soon as possible. This would be the coup de grace and a way for Morocco to definitively close this conflict and to install the option of autonomy as the only solution to this conflict. said the journalist.

And in a comparison between Morocco and Algeria in the management of the Sahara file, Mustapha Tossa indicated that “Algeria got us used to a lot of ado about nothing in everything it undertook. It has made the logic of permanent diplomatic scandal, coupled with insults, radical positions, behaviors in total rupture with regional and international diplomacy its raison d’être”.

The political science concludes by stating that “The Moroccan style is quite different. It is the work in discretion, intelligence, seriousness and efficiency in order to achieve the achievement of the objectives set. These are, therefore, two different styles, one is for show, that of Algiers with a break from reality, insult and pugilism and the other, efficiency, discretion, moderation, seriousness and the objective of the results that the Kingdom manages to achieve in particular, with the last Kenyan example“.

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