Modular connectors and FFC cables for space

Nicomatic presents high reliability modular connectors as well as flexible flat cables (FFC) dedicated to space applications. DMM, CMM and EMM series connectors have all been specified in recent space applications, including the ExoMars program and China’s Jade Rabbit space program. Lightweight and space-saving, Nicomatic’s FFC cables ensure a robust and reliable signal and power connection in satellites, exploration rovers, solar panels, research orbiters, HD cameras and controllers, systems radar and satcomm, communication units, optical sensors and simulators.

Main characteristics:

DMM Series Low Profile Metal Connectors : 2mm pitch; Compliant with MIL-DTL-83513G; wider choice of configurations than other mil-spec connectors such as Micro-D or Sub-D; signal (LF), power (HP) and coaxial (HF) contacts; up to 10 million possible combinations for board to board, board to wire, wire to wire or panel mounting

CMM Series Connectors : 2mm pitch; Compliant with MIL-DTL-55302F; signal (LF), power (HP) and coaxial (HF) contacts; more than 20 million possible combinations; save up to 60% space and 50% weight compared to other connectors with the same functionality; shock, vibration and radiation resistance; without oxygen; compatible with temperature cycles between -60°C and +250°C

EMM Series Compact Connectors : 1.27mm pitch; Compliant with MIL-DTL-83513; respectively 40% and 20% more compact than CMM series connectors and Micro-D; 4 to 60 inverted signal contacts for board-to-board and board-to-wire configurations; integrated 90 degree rear protection

FFC cables : designed to be folded or rolled up; significant reduction in size and weight compared to conventional cabling solutions; NASA-grade materials; board-to-board connections on PCB and display panels; provide signal and power connection in all kinds of space applications

Maker: Nicomatic

Product reference: DMM, CMM and EMM series, FFC cables

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