MJ Bike, a startup that uses sport for eco-tourism

More than a project, “MJ Bike” launched today September 7, 2022 in Tangier, in the presence of the President of the NGO Tibu Africa, the Dutch delegation of the KNVB, the founder of the company Cloud Bike, and the manager of the Etoile du Nord hotel, is the result of an example of will, perseverance and determination serving as a model for young entrepreneurs in the sports sector, in order to lead them to always believe in their dreams, regardless of the life challenges they face.

Indeed, this project is the initiative of the young man from Tangier Lahcen El Mejdoubi, 21 years old and passionate about cycling from his earliest childhood with a single ambition: to get a bicycle.

This ambition forced him to multiply very young several small trades which enabled him to become owner of a bicycle. Once this step was taken, he discovered, through intense practice, the desire to become a champion in this field. With this idea in mind, this youngster took part in his very first amateur race in 2017. Over the years, he has garnered quite a bit of success which has allowed him to win the regional and national championship twice and three times to win a competition at the continental level with the national team of Morocco and the Royal Federation. Moroccan Cycling.

These successes nourished the young athlete with another challenge, that of becoming a champion of life thanks to the strength of sport. Not having the necessary framework to realize this ambition, Lahcen had to give up everything. It is precisely at this stage of his life that the NGO Tibu Africa reaches out to him by making available to him and that of many young people like him, the program of education and professional integration through sport the Intilaqa Initiative with the support of the DROSOS FOUNDATION, in order to instill in them the necessary theoretical and practical skills that can enable them to develop their self-confidence, believe in their dreams and give themselves all the means to clear a path to success.

Like a magic wand, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco decides to implement for a first in Africa, its entrepreneurial program “Sports Orange Corners” and targets the NGO Tibu Africa as a quality partner to carry out this mission on the continent.

The young Lahcen, who had already made a positive impression on the minds of his coaches during his training period in the Intilaqa Initiative program thanks to his commitment and determination, is therefore once again selected among the beneficiaries of the “Sports Orange Corners” program.

Thanks to this sporting social entrepreneurship program, Lahcen El Mejdoubi has received training from the Tibu Africa teams, on the one hand, which allows him to wear the cap of a cycling coach, and on the other hand, support and development sessions for his project to be able to give young people in need the guidance he did not have in his field during his childhood.

“Before the decisive meeting with Tibu Africa, I was what one could describe as a disoriented dreamer. I had to undertake several activities, very interesting, without real impact. It was in this situation that I became aware of the Initiative Intilaqa program of Tibu Africa which allowed me, not only to optimize my primary knowledge, to develop my linguistic capacities, but also to calibrate my objectives thanks to an accompaniment quality adapted from a serious and dedicated team. MJ Bike was born thanks to the support and financial support of the Sports Orange Corners program. This project, certainly remains a summary of my initial dreams, but represents for our young people passionate about cycling, the opportunity that I would have liked to have had at their age”, declares Lahcen El Mejdoubi, Sports entrepreneur and founder of MJ Bike.

MJ Bike is a sports startup with an environmental vocation. Based in Tangier and founded by young sports entrepreneur Lahcen El Mejdoubi, MJ Bike trains children aged 8 to 17 to practice cycling through its cycling school.

MJ Bike also offers coaching and personal support services for young people wishing to develop their skills in professional cycling.

Located at the Étoile du Nord hotel, the MJ Bike startup has a set of professional bicycles available to Tangiers and tourists for rental and discovery of the city of the strait.

MJ Bike’s vision is to make cycling accessible and promote sustainable mobility in Morocco.

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