Mixing styles at La Maison

The association of the artistic emulation group from Nivernais Le Groupe has unveiled its 110 e Salon d’Automne at the Montchougny de La Maison gallery on Friday, with an exhibition of works on canvas and paper and very high quality sculptures.

About fifty artists have been selected by the Group’s Board of Directors out of the 140 members of the association, allowing a mixing of the styles of the canvases. The guest of honor is Marie-Annick Beneton, abstract painter member of the structure. This painter is forging a reputation both in France and outside our borders. She presents a dozen works, each more colorful than the other, summarizing her current work.

Happy to be able to defend her art “at home”, she demonstrates limitless creativity with mastered techniques.

If the exhibition remains visible until September 15 during the opening hours of La Maison, part of it will be exported for a week to the Masters Seniors, from Monday September 5 to Sunday September 11.

The association is currently preparing the Salon de Cours-les-Barres with a watercolor course offered to its members.


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