Midas and Nina join the team in Star Ocean The Divine Force

Square Enix is ​​definitely doing things in a very nice way to invite us to dive back into the universe of their Star Ocean license. After a 3rd highly informative mission report, it is now the turn of the two members of the team to present themselves in these new videos offered by the teams. Midas Felgreed, one of the most brilliant semiomancers and engineers of the kingdom of Aucerius. Although his thirst for knowledge often pushes him to ignore the most basic laws and ethics, Midas is nonetheless a man of principles who always finishes what he starts. The team will be able to count on his multiple knowledge to deal with future situations.

The second presentation of the day focuses on the character of Nina Deforges. Nina is one of the few people able to wield the healing magic called iatrimancy in Aucerius. She tirelessly searches for a cure for the deadly disease that took her father. make no mistake about it, under her hours as a young apprentice, Nina hides a strong character allowing her to carry out her objectives.

Star Ocean the Divine Force is (more than) expected on October 27 for its return to our Xbox consoles.

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