Microsoft introduces a sample “Meeting Signing” app to enable real-time document signing during meetings

Microsoft is serious about creating Teams the perfect place for professionals and companies to conduct their meetings. Along with the continuous stream of new features and enhancements to the platform, Microsoft is now Discover the all new a sample application called “Meeting Signing” which should allow users to sign documents in real time while in a meeting.

Microsoft Teams “Meeting Signing” Sample Application

“Meeting Signing is a sample Teams app that demonstrates the scenario of allowing users to sign documents in real time during meetings, allowing documents to be reviewed and signed in a single session,” reads the app description. GitHub. “This sample allows users to electronically sign documents with their current tenant identity. Some examples of documents that can be signed at meetings are purchase contracts and purchase orders. This model is also applicable and could be adapted to other scenarios such as reviewing and approving code reviews or collaborative document review. The sample application can be customized to incorporate other types of signatures, such as handwritten signatures or certificate-based signatures. »

The functions available to users will depend on their roles in meetings. In particular, a user can be a document creator, signer and reader.

In addition to support for Teams SSO authentication, the Meeting Signing sample app includes other features such as adaptive cards, people picker, and the ability to programmatically share content to stage. Additionally, ISVs can customize the code, allowing them to define the type of signatures (manual signature, electronic signature, and certificate-based signature).

This can be handy, especially in these times when virtual meetings are continually normalized. Usage of the sample application can vary widely, from signing purchase contracts and incoming invoices to NDAs and more.

It’s only available for Teams desktop clients at the moment, but mobile and web support is coming. Moreover, the application can only allow said function within users of a single tenant. Nevertheless, to make it fully useful to companies and organizations around the world, the company promises to soon allow the signing of documents involving anonymous users or those of other organizations.

Microsoft has detailed how the app can be used by those with document creator roles on GitHub, along with other information regarding its prerequisites, known issues, configuration, and deployment.

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