MERCATO | OL explain why they sold Lucas Paqueta

Vincent Ponsot, OL’s director of football explains why his club decided to sell Lucas Paqueta.

The departure of Lucas Paqueta at West Ham surprised the supporters of Olympique Lyonnais who greatly appreciated the Brazilian midfielder.

OL director of football Vincent Ponsot explained why OL had to sell Paqueta: “We have invested €172 million over the past three seasons. And when you take a free player (Alexandre Lacazette, Corentin Tolisso), there is a very significant impact on the wage bill and the gap today in our wage bill largely covers the differential we are talking about on transfers. A distinction must be made between sales and this payroll. »

Paqueta did not want to stay

Vincent Ponsot also specifies that the departure of Lucas Paqueta is linked to the situation of other players, who have not left OL: “The Paqueta case is hypocrisy. We anticipated knowing that he wanted to leave. If he had wanted to stay, there would have been no problems but we tried to extend it in March-April, we did not find an agreement. He found his interest there. We had also planned that if Moussa (Dembélé) and Tino (Kadewere) left, we would have a replacement. And if (Houssem) Aouar and Paqueta left, too. »

In the end, neither Moussa Dembélé nor Houssem Aouar left which facilitated Paqueta’s transfer to West Ham.



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