Matahiapo from Moorea move for their form

Moorea, September 10, 2022 – Around 15 matahiapo from Moorea are currently taking part in an age-appropriate fitness program until the end of this year. The idea for Team Moorea, organizer of the program, is to ensure that they regain their physical abilities as well as their motor resources in order to live more easily on a daily basis.

The Team Moorea club in partnership with the Ministry of Health has been organizing for a few days and until the end of the year the fitness program “A oraora ana’e matahiapo my”, for the elderly of Moorea. They are fifteen to participate every Monday and Thursday, from 9 am to 11 am, in sessions of physical and sports activities adapted to their age. The idea is that they regain control of their health and regain some of their physical abilities and motor resources lost over the years, such as motor skills, flexibility, endurance and even balance.

“I offer them exercises that mobilize the different resources. Today, for example, there were balance exercises, with the head upside down or while being turned to the side, during which I will mobilize everything that is information and balance. It is in fact a question of rediscovering certain things that we knew how to do when we were young and that we no longer know how to do. The idea is to rediscover and set up motor skills that allow them to to live easily on a daily basis, to live normally again”, explains Daniel Ray, coach of Team Moorea. The sessions are currently taking place at the Afareaitu dojo, but outings are planned so that the exercises are also done in a fun setting. “We are going to try to add a cultural part to the exercises of the program. For example, we plan to visit the Rotui factory by parking our cars three kilometers before and walking to the factory. We are also going to visit the cultures of vanilla, pineapple fields, certain marae… Each time there will be a historical and cultural pretext”, adds Daniel Ray.


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