Marriage: how to recognize that someone is having an affair in different cultures

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Human beings have always used their clothes, hairstyles, and jewelry to quickly communicate important information about them to people, including whether or not they are married.

Choosing to show the world one’s marital status is a personal preference that can be driven by many reasons, from displaying one’s love for one’s spouse to avoiding unwanted attention.

From the choice of wedding ring finger to the style of hair styling, cultures and communities around the world all have different ways of signaling that someone is married.

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A woman may receive a pair of “kwottenai” as a gift from her husband or inherit it upon her mother’s death.

In Western cultures, wearing the wedding ring has become a common practice over the past few centuries. However, not everyone chooses to wear their wedding ring on the same hand or finger. Nor is it always the same finger as the engagement ring.

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