Mario Kart Tour, the game gets rid of gacha mechanics and adds battle mode!

In the wake of an ever fiercer legislative battle over gambling and gacha, many games have recently abandoned their lootbox model in favor of a healthier business model.

It is thus time for Mario Kart Tour to get rid of its gacha mechanics which have been criticized since its release by many players. Indeed until now to unlock new characters and karts you had to buy random “draws” allowing you to find a completely random character among those available, the most powerful being of course the rarest with very low percentages of chances of obtaining.

Everything will change from October 5, 2022indeed on the news page in the application a message appeared this morning detailing the update to come.

From this date, therefore, the pipes will be replaced by a daily shop highlighting a rotation of characters and karts to buy with your gems obtained through the game’s various missions and seasonal challenges.
The game should therefore from this date become available in countries that have banned it for the presence of lootboxes (Belgium for example).

This news does not come alone since the famous battle mode in which you will have to burst the balloons of your opponents, will become available both in solo mode against bots and in online multiplayer.

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