Mario Kart Tour finally puts an end to its lottery system

Criticized for using gachas to unlock new elements, Nintendo’s mobile racing game fixes the shot.

Since his arrival on tiptoe in the world of mobile video games with the strange Miitomo released in 2016 and now gone, Nintendo discovered this universe over the releases. Gaming habits are radically different from those of the console world, as are consumption patterns, which are sometimes difficult to establish clearly from one genre to another. With multiple attempts in very different styles (Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Where Fire Emblem: Heroes), Nintendo thought it had grasped the essentials, wrongly, before adapting one of its most famous licenses: Mario Kart.

© Nintendo

Red Raptor Gacha

The tactical game Fire Emblem Heroes, with its slew of unique heroes, had embraced a mainstream approach to the genre. Offer the purchase of “gacha”, these capsules found in distributors of small surprises in Japan, which have since invaded video games. An adaptation of another system, that of Western lootboxes, yet much criticized for their randomness. Because if the charisma of the characters or the desire to form a team at the top is successful in a bestseller like Dragon Ball Legendsthe formula is much more questionable in a racing game. Mario Kart Tour had succeeded a hot startbut was soon overtaken by a funny blue shell with that ugly pay-to-win reputation.

It’s the end for the Mario Kart Tour lottery system, and its pipes, golden or not.©Nintendo

surprise return

The official account of the mobile application, as we approach the third anniversary of Mario Kart Tour, formalized a radical change. With the arrival of an update in September, the gachas will disappear in favor of a shop. From now on, spending your rubies (the game’s virtual currency) will allow you to choose a specific virtual object between driver, karts or accessories. And as good news never comes alone, the title will be reinforced with a Battle Mode in multiplayer, for even more fun. An astonishing change in formula, which comes as the publisher’s involvement on mobile seemed to be less, its attention focusing on tracking its Switch games, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on your mind.

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