Margot Robbie Responds to Brad Pitt in the Trailer for This New Feature Film

Damien Chazelle is about to return to center stage with a new masterpiece. After Whiplash, First Man and La La Land, which won him the Oscar for best director in 2016, the filmmaker is now working on a new feature film. Entitled Babylon, this film is already shaping up to be a success.

As usual, Damien Chazelle offers us a 5-star cast. In Babylon, we can find Brad Pitt, Margot RobbieDiego Calva, Tobey Maguire, Samara Weaving, Olivia Wilde, Spider Jonze or even Flea.

Initially, the film was to be produced by Lionsgate. But in the end, Paramount Pictures picked up the project.

A first trailer for Babylon

The development of Babylon started in 2019. In the past three years, we haven’t heard much about this project. Although still a bit shrouded in mystery, it finally came to light a few days ago through a first trailer.

This trailer was unveiled after the premiere of the feature film at the Toronto International Film Festival. In it, we discover the different characters of Babylon, as well as the links that unite them.

In the heart of 1920s Hollywood

Babylon presents itself as a historical drama that will take place in the 1920s. As its synopsis reveals, it will highlight a major turning point in the film industry marked by the arrival of words in the cinema, which until then had been silent. .

In the synopsis it says that Babylon “is a tale of inordinate ambition and the wildest excess. » The film “traces the rise and fall of various characters during the creation of Hollywood, an era of boundless decadence and depravity. » Babylon will be halfway between fiction and reality. Indeed, the film is inspired by people like Clara Bow, Anna May Wong, John Gilbert or Charlie Chaplin.

The filming of Babylon ended in October 2021. In the United States, its release is scheduled for December 25. In France, it will be necessary to wait until January 18, 2023 to discover the feature film.


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