Louis Chedid, Julian Lennon… The new albums not to be missed

On the program: Louis Chedid sublimates his own songs, Valerie June transforms those of others, four hours of unreleased Miles Davis and the return of Lennon’s son.

Louis Chedid and Yvan Cassar. © DR

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Louis Chedid

After Arno and Nicoletta, it is Louis Chedid who enriches the “Parce que” collection initiated by the independent Belgian label Play It Again Sam. The principle? An artist dives back into his repertoire and re-records his melodies with a pianist. For “In black and white”, Louis Chedid joins forces with the virtuoso Yvan Cassar, conductor and arranger who sometimes tends to do too much (cf. Johnny’s trying symphonic versions). Fortunately, he shows restraint here to sublimate the artisanal, sentimental and timeless songs of Chedid.

I rather compose on the guitar and the idea of ​​hearing them arranged on the piano appealed to me, enthuses Louis Chedid. I am completely self-taught and Yvan, in addition to his way of playing and arranging, is an outstanding technician. We could only hear each other.” Pulled by the huge So be it, the album contains fifteen tracks. More bare but still just as benevolent, So alone without you, You can count on me, These words are for you and We can’t tell the people we love enough that we love them are among the major successes of this project, which goes beyond framework of the best of in disguise.

17/11, Theater of Namur.

*** In black and white by Louis Chedid & Yvan Cassar. Because/[Pias]

Valerie June

This is an EP that feels good. The singer from Memphis with the impressive hairstyle reappropriates here eight of her favorite songs. Her voice that is close to angels and her soul/gospel/bluegrass acoustic cocktail lend themselves particularly well to the chosen repertoire. His nuanced interpretations ofInto My Arms (Nick Cave), from Fade Into You (Mazzy Star), from Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You (Bob Dylan) and the most amazing Godspeed (Frank Ocean) make “Covers” much more than an interlude disc.

*** Covers by Valerie June. Universal

Miles Davis

This seventh volume of The Bootleg Series collection launched in 2011 focuses on the 80s which saw the trumpeter relaunch after serious drug problems. Surrounded by new big names (current Stones bassist Darryl Jones, guitarist John Scofield, bassist Marcus Miller), he electrifies his sound, plunges into funk/jazz fusion, and covers Cyndi Lauper (Time After Time) or Michael Jackson (Human Nature). Period summarized here with four hours of unreleased footage including a live one in Montreal in 1983.

*** The Bootleg Series Vol. 7: That’s what happened by Miles Davis. Sony Legacy

Julian Lennon

Braked artistically by the inevitable comparisons with a father he knew very little about, Julian Lennon is back in business eleven years after his last album. Titled “Jude” after the song Hey Jude lovingly written by Paul McCartney when he was just a toddler, this collection of original songs highlights his great qualities as a producer and melodist. We think of Save Me, Freedom, Every Little Moment or Breathe. On the other hand, it always lacks this stamp which can make the difference.

** Jude by Julian Lennon. BMG

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