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Britain’s Prime Minister vowed on Tuesday she would take action to ‘weather the storm’ and transform the UK into a ‘nation of aspiration’, as she addressed Britons for the first time from Downing Street .

Truss reiterated that its plan to help struggling households cope with the cost of living crisis this winter was going to be put in place, along with additional measures to support the public health system (NHS).

“We should not be discouraged by the challenges we face, no matter how strong the storm. I know the British people are stronger,” she told the assembled crowd.

“Our country was built by people who can get things done. We have huge reserves of talent, energy and determination. I am convinced that together we can weather the storm,” she said.

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The former head of diplomacy, 47, took office as Prime Minister after being received by Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral. Its mission is now to form a government to succeed the executive of Boris Johnson.

Faced with a growing economic crisis, Truss promised immediate action to deal with soaring energy prices, as well as tax cuts aimed at averting a recession.

His plan, due Thursday, is expected to include “an energy bill freeze”, according to many observers, but details of the policy have yet to be announced.

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