Liz Truss elected Prime Minister

Boris Johnson addressed Britain one last time as Prime Minister from the front steps of 10 Downing Street on Tuesday. It is indeed time for him to hand over the keys to the official London residence to Liz Truss, his former Foreign Minister and above all his successor appointed Monday at the head of the Conservative Party as well as the Executive. He also assured her of his “fervent” support, before leaving the capital to fly to Scotland and Balmoral where the transfer of power is to take place under the eyes of Queen Elizabeth II.

The functions of head of the British government of Boris Johnson come to an end after three years of negotiations around Brexit, health, geopolitical and social crises and scandals, linked in particular to his management of the Covid and the supposed lightness of his personal behavior.

“I will offer this government my most fervent support,” said Boris Johnson outside 10 Dowing Street, before boarding his plane for Scotland, where he will formally tender his resignation to the Queen. “I will support Liz Truss and her government every step of the way,” he said.

Liz Truss thus becomes the third woman to hold the post of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the three being from the centre-right Conservative Party.

She is due to travel tomorrow to Balmoral, Scotland, where she will meet the Queen, who will officially appoint her Prime Minister and task her with forming a government.

In his victory speech, Truss thanked his supporters as well as rival Rishi Sunak, saying the campaign showed “the breadth and depth of talent within the Conservative Party”.

She then paid tribute to the outgoing Prime Minister, “my friend Boris Johnson”, who “made Brexit a success”.

“I will govern as a conservative”

Addressing members of his party, Truss thanked his “friends and colleagues” for their confidence in leading “the greatest political party in the world”.

“During this leadership race, I campaigned as a Conservative and I will govern as a Conservative,” said Liz Truss, before listing her priorities, starting with “presenting a bold plan to reduce taxes and stimulate the growth of our economy,” she said.

And to add: “I will tackle the energy crisis, taking care of citizens’ bills, while dealing with the long-term problems we have in terms of energy supply. And I will keep my promises in this regard. concerning the national health service”.

Finally Truss promised to deliver “a big win for the Conservative Party in 2024”.

The next UK general election is expected to be held sometime in 2024.


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