Liberty 4: Soundcore launches new “true wireless” headphones with a heart rate sensor

If they are not really innovative in their design, the Liberty 4 have more than one trick up their sleeve. They incorporate, for example, a heart rate monitor which tracks the pulse of the heart, but also a sensor measuring the oxygen saturation in the blood. Features that are usually found in connected watches, but which are still very rare in headphones true-wireless.

The Liberty 4 also stand out with the integration of two dynamic speakers in each earpiece. On paper, such a structure allows the headphones to benefit from a more precise reproduction since each loudspeaker is dedicated to the reproduction of a specific frequency range. In addition, the Liberty 4 embed the latest generation of Bluetooth (version 5.3), are compatible with the LDAC codec and have a multipoint functionality.

The Liberty 4 also mark Soundcore’s debut into the wonderful world of 3D spatialization. Indeed, the new earphones incorporate a 3D upmix system that allows you to transform any stereo source into spatialized content. In addition, the Liberty 4 have an integrated gyroscope taking into account the movements of the head for even more immersion.

Autonomy level, the Liberty 4 are announced with an operating time of 9 hours without active noise reduction and 7 hours once this function is activated. The case offers three additional charges. The Liberty 4s are now available on Soundcore’s US site for $150. They should shortly point the tip of their nose on the French site of the subsidiary of Anker.

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