LEGO Brawls – It’s going to break bricks on Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

License LEGO finally has its own fighting game. named LEGO Brawlsthis new title now available on Nintendo Switch and competing platforms offer players a whole new way of discovering the little yellow bricks, offering almost endless customization options to make each experience unique. To learn more about the title, we let you discover its trailer below.

The game’s building and combat possibilities are an unprecedented evolution of the combat/platform genre. Players build and battle with custom, unique LEGO minifigures to suit their personality, strategy and playstyle. With over 77 trillion customization possibilities, players can choose any combination of parts, of accessories, melee weapons, power-ups, emotes and names to build their warrior. Upcoming events and seasonal content provide even more possibilities.

The game features iconic levels based on LEGO themes, classic themes like LEGO Castle or Space Universe, as well as fan-favorite themes like LEGO Jurrasic World™, LEGO NINJAGO®, and LEGO Monkie Kid™. Each level offers different game modes, unique challenges and victory conditions. In online multiplayer, players can battle it out in 4×4 “zone control” mode, gather collectibles in Collect Mode levels, play free-for-all in “battle royale” mode, or in “free- for-brawl” where the last player standing wins. In “Private Game” Mode, players can play with friends locally or online. Thanks to the possibilities of cross-play, players from all over the world can team up and compete, regardless of their gaming platform.


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