Leaked Sonos Sub Mini, a more compact (and hopefully cheaper) subwoofer

The Sonos Sub Mini makes a brief appearance ahead of its launch. You’ll soon be able to complete your Sonos setup with a compact, connected subwoofer.

Sonos Sub Mini // Source: WinFuture

Currently, the Sonos subwoofer is sold at 849 euros, this is the Sonos Sub Gen 3. As the name suggests, this is the official subwoofer to complete your Sonos setup for deeper bass, realistic growl and roar. The system is scalable, you can add new Sonos speakers as your wallet allows.

Precisely, one of the next Sonos products will interest more than one. After marketing a more accessible soundbar, the Sonos Raythe American manufacturer is preparing to market a smaller subwoofer.

The Sonos Sub Mini, half the size of the Sub Gen 3

The WinFuture site has published official photos, this German media is deemed very serious. You can have an overview of the Roland Quandt leaksthey are very numerous.

Sonos Sub Mini –  Frandroid –  Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 14.51.01
Sonos Sub Mini // Source: WinFuture

The image above shows the Sub Mini, other shots show it with Sonos One speakers, Sonos Ray soundbars and Sonos Beam: this suggests that there could be bundles His bone. You will have the choice, as usual with Sonos, between the black or white color. The set has a cylindrical design, with a pill-shaped hole in the middle.

Sonos Sub Mini –  Frandroid –  Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 14.51.07
Sonos Sub Mini // Source: WinFuture

The Sonos Sub Mini would be advertised as a “compact subwoofer” designed to ” give movies, music and games an extra bass boost”. Among other things, Sonos would state that the device in combination with a Sonos Ray or Sonos Beam should provide ” more immersive TV content ” and more ” depth and clarity for music by linking it to a Sonos One, One SL and Ikea Symfonisk speaker.

Two “Class D” amplifiers would be integrated. According to WinFurure, the American manufacturer wants to avoid distortion and improve bass reproduction with a completely waterproof case. According to the German media, the frequency response would be 25 hertz and the device would offer low latencies over a Wi-Fi connection in the 5 GHz range. The set would weigh 6.35 kg for a height of 30.5 centimeters.

That’s about it in terms of details. WinFuture speculates that we could see the Sub Mini launch between October and December, which would certainly make sense from a business perspective.

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