Kenya opts for international legality and respect for Morocco’s sovereignty

New setback for the enemies of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. Kenyan President William Samoei Ruto announced on Wednesday the withdrawal of recognition of the Sahrawi separatist entity Polisario, in support of Morocco’s territorial integrity. The new president opens a new page in relations with the Kingdom and decides to completely close the representation of the self-proclaimed rasd.

The day after his inauguration as the 5th President of Kenya, William Samoei Ruto, took two major political and strategic decisions which support the change in the geopolitical landscape in the Sahara affair, and which hoist relations between Kenya and Morocco. to unprecedented levels.

On the occasion of his inauguration, the Kenyan president went to the end of his position already expressed in the past but which he had to keep quiet because of former president Kenyatta.

In a clear reversal of position, William Ruto set the tone of his presidency which is now aligned with international legality, by definitively suspending the recognition of Kenya to the entity created by the Polisario separatists and by supporting the Moroccan initiative autonomy as the only solution that will put an end to the regional dispute within the framework of respect for the territorial integrity of Morocco.

The announcement of this measure was accompanied by the decision to close the representation of the separatist militia in Kenya and the total distance between Nairobi and the elements of the Polisario militia. At the same time, the country will open an embassy in Rabat.

These big decisions, the Kenyan president did not wait to take them. He announced them the very day after his official investiture, which was attended by Brahim Ghali, the leader of the separatist militia, who arrived on board a plane chartered by Algiers.

Damping the hopes of the separatists to see the continuation of insane relations and bringing nothing to Kenya, the new President Ruto, has chosen to give a new impetus to his country, to register it in international legality which wants that a State which respects itself, does not maintain diplomatic relations with a separatist entity not recognized by the United Nations or any other international organization, and that it is rather part of the defense of the integrity of States without interference in their internal affairs.

The new Kenyan head of state received on Wednesday a Moroccan delegation led by the head of diplomacy, Nasser Bourita, bearing a message of congratulations from King Mohammed VI.

In his message, the Sovereign hailed the successful completion of democratic elections in the country in August 2022, emphasizing that these milestones cement Kenya’s position as a continent-wide democracy beacon.

He also assured the Kenyan President that Morocco is working to open a new page in its relations with the Republic of Kenya, based on fruitful cooperation, active solidarity and mutual respect, so as to serve the supreme interests of the two peoples and contribute to the prosperity and development of the African continent.

Responding to this message of congratulations, William Ruto expressed his willingness and commitment to work with King Mohammed VI to strengthen relations between the two countries, hailing his leadership in promoting policies of tolerance and accommodation at the of the Maghreb region, as well as its contribution to global peace and security.

In a joint statement, passages of which were published by the State House of the Republic of Kenya (State House), following the meeting with Nasser Bourita, “the Republic of Kenya has decided to revoke its recognition of the pseudo +SADR+ and to begin the steps for the closure of its representation in the country”.

“Out of respect for the principle of territorial integrity and non-interference, Kenya gives its full support to the serious and credible autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom of Morocco, as a unique solution based on the territorial integrity of Morocco” to end the regional dispute, indicated the same text which emphasizes that Nairobi supports the United Nations framework as an “exclusive mechanism” to achieve a lasting and permanent political solution to the dispute over the Sahara issue.

After recognizing the Polisario militia in 2005, and freezing this recognition in 2006, before the opening of a diplomatic representation in 2014, Kenya, which was a fervent supporter of the separatist militia before the UN mechanisms, finally chose under the impetus of William Ruto, to endeavor to respect the territorial integrity of countries and to raise relations with Morocco to the rank they deserve.

The two African countries, key players in the continent’s development, are joining forces to move forward together and promote a South-South partnership. Rabat and Nairobi are committed to developing their strategic partnership over the next six months, the statement said.

Economic, commercial and social relations, the fields of fishing and agriculture and food security, will become a priority for the two countries. And cooperation will affect other areas, such as health, security, tourism, renewable energies, cultural, religious and interpersonal exchanges.

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