Karine Le Marchand gives her love advice

Karine Le Marchand knows about love. After 12 seasons of Love is in the meadowthe host has seen the ups and downs of hundreds of dating stories, and, while she’s on the cover of the latest issue of Current wife, the star of M6 has agreed to indulge in his own vision of romance. If she is now single, she never closes the door to a new story.

“I have retained all my capacity for wonder. A sunrise, the first fruits of the season, an aperitif by the sea… I know how to take advantage of simple things. I give myself the means to be happy, ”she explained to the magazine, giving her first piece of advice from the heart: “I naturally tend to run away from what hurts me. If I had only one advice to give to the women who read us, it would probably be this: you have to know how to leave when you are not happy, especially in love.

Alone with children

Moreover, Karine Le Marchand has not hesitated in the past to leave toxic relationships, despite the problems that this could pose in her daily life, in particular the difficulty “of being alone with children, of having less money, to experience a form of instability”. Alya’s mother deplores, in fact, a certain pattern imposed by society. “We were taught that we absolutely needed a man by our side to be ‘happy’. But, knowing how to free yourself saves so many other inconveniences,” she added.

The presenter wishes in any case to meet someone “outside her professional environment”, even if she knows that it is sometimes complicated. According to her, fame “attracts the wrong people” and “scares the good ones”. The star of the small screen therefore flees those who would approach her to be “known too”.

“And then, there are those who are well, accomplished, happy, balanced and who have no desire to be photographed in Here is, to go through a tax audit or to have their lives scrutinized by the press. Celebrity does not only have advantages, ”concluded Karine Le Marchand.

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