“It’s getting serious”: Carmelo Anthony close to finding a team!

3rd oldest active player behind Udonis Haslem and Andre Iguodala, Carmelo Anthony still does not want to hang up the sneakers. Without a team since leaving the Lakers after a very delicate season, Melo could however bounce back to the Eastern Conference side. A close outcome can even be envisaged.

Of course, he is no longer who he was. Of course, he struggles defensively. However, Carmelo Anthony remains Carmelo Anthony, and his ability to score should guarantee him the possibility of finding a team for the 2022-2023 season. It must be said that very often in life, the misfortune of some is the happiness of others: flagship recruit of the Celtics, Danilo Gallinari was seriously injured with his selection. A boon for Melo?

Carmelo Anthony at the Celtics, more than a matter of days?

According to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe, the track leading Anthony towards Boston continues to heat up seriously. Already mentioned a few days ago, this hypothesis is increasingly considered by the Massachusetts front office:

The possibility of Carmelo Anthony in Boston is getting more and more serious, as Anthony may be the best shooting winger left on the market, and he’s proven to remain productive offensively despite his age. Anthony turned 38 last May, but played 69 games last season and averaged 13.3 points off the bench.

Anthony, who found himself out of the NBA following his stint in Houston because he took too few three-point shots, has improved drastically in this area. Moreover, he is in great physical shape and is still able to score: last season, Melo scored more than 20 points in 11 games, and played 26 minutes per game on average. He wants the chance to win a ring, and Boston might be his best bet.

While waiting to finally find the shoe that fits, if possible in Boston, Carmelo Anthony remains ready and continues to train tirelessly. The proof with the publication below, dated this Monday:

Carmelo Anthony is not giving up: without a team for many months, Melo knows that the market should soon be agitated for veterans like him. And more than ever, the Celtics seem favorites to welcome the former darling of Madison Square Garden. A file to watch very closely.

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