“It’s a horror!” Audrey Fleurot reveals what she hated on the set of the event series

TF1 continues this Monday, October 3 the broadcast of its event series The fighters. In the casting in particular, Audrey Fleurot, who bursts the screen. And if she loved shooting in this saga, something bothered her, find out what!

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The saga continues. This Monday, October 3, viewers will discover on TF1 episodes 5 and 6 of the TF1 event series The fighters (hailed by Télé-Loisirs.fr and by Internet users). While Mother Agnès (Julie de Bona) feel guilty about not respecting his vow of chastitySusan (Camille Lou), she is still struggling with Lucien. For her part, Marguerite (Audrey Fleurot) no longer knows what to do with Colin de Renier (Maxence Danet-Fauvel)…

A horror !“: what Audrey Fleurot hated on the set of Les Combattantes

Two episodes once again thrilling (before the grand finale next week), thanks in particular to the quartet of actresses formed by Julie de Bona, Camille Lou, Sofia Essaïdi and Audrey Fleurot. And if the atmosphere was good between the four, as Sofia Essaïdi told us, the interpreter of Marguerite, she was embarrassed by a little thing: the corsets! “The first day, we find it nice because we put ourselves in the shoes of the character of the time but from the second day we are fed up” confided Audrey Fleurot to our colleagues fromFeminine. “The corset is a horror!” she concludes, not without humour.

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Men, women, same constraints!

At Télé-Loisirs.fr, however, she explains how essential these costumes are: “It’s really funny 5 minutes because it transforms you. What’s great about period series is that the costumes and make-up allow you to distance yourself from yourself. For me, it helps me a lot to build a character when I no longer recognize myself. It’s constraining but constraining like the women of the time who supported it. There were pregnancy corsets, or comfort corsets to stay cool at home! They were never without a corset. We, there are scenes where we didn’t put it.And to specify:We talk a lot about corsets, but men’s suits are also very restrictive: very rough woolen sheets without stretch, gaiters on pants…“On this point, men and women were therefore on an equal footing!

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