Israeli army acknowledges that Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was shot dead by its soldiers

For the first time, the Israeli army acknowledged, Monday, September 5, 2020, that the Palestinian reporter for the Al Jazeera channel, Shireen Abu Akleh, was allegedly killed in May by an Israeli soldier.

In the “final conclusions” of its investigation, the army announced that one of its soldiers had indeed fired in the direction of the journalist by mistaken identity.

“There is a strong possibility that Ms. Abu Akleh was accidentally hit by Israeli army fire which was aimed at suspects identified as Palestinian gunmen,” according to the results of the investigation. The army also indicated that it had studied the sequence of events chronologically, analyzed the places, the videos and the sounds recorded on the spot and carried out a simulation of the scene.

Israeli experts had also conducted a ballistic analysis of the bullet on July 2, in the presence of representatives of the United States Security Coordination Committee for Israel and the Palestinian Authority, according to the same source. The American-Palestinian journalist was shot dead on May 11 while covering an Israeli military operation in the Palestinian camp of Jenin.

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