Israeli actress on Balad Arab Party candidate list

“Balad is the home of all democrats and the home of those who believe in equality”

Israeli actress and director Einat Weitzman is in 6th place on the Arab Balad Party’s list as the party reversed its decision to rejoin the Joint List by deciding to present an independent list of candidates.

“It is the only party that proposes a real and fundamental change in the political system and for the citizens,” Einat wrote in a message posted on his Facebook account on Friday.

“I entered politics. After years of being active only in the artistic dimension, I decided to come forward and be active where decisions are made. Balad is the home of all democrats and home to those who believe in equality, those who will not be subordinate partners of racist parties. Balad is the only path left in this country ruled by violence and apartheid,” she said. .

Weitzman has voiced his support for the party in the past, with one of the most notable moments being his support for former Knesset member Basel Ghattas after he was accused of giving cellphones to prisoners of security.

During a conference, she explained “her sacrifices” and “her actions” which “expressed a necessary confrontation with the harsh and discriminatory conditions in which political prisoners are held”.

The director has devoted her artistic work in recent years to presenting the “Palestinian narrative and the occupation”. Among others, in 2017, she directed a play called “Prisoners of the Occupation” which she wrote with security prisoners, which was rejected by the Acre Festival’s steering committee.

Recently, she directed a documentary play at the Jaffa Theater called “How to Make a Revolution”, about the trial of Issa Amro, a Palestinian social activist who fought “against oppression” and was arrested by Israel.

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