Iraq: The new destination for Cameroonian footballers

Since the start of the transfer window in Cameroon, several players have set sail for Iraq to pursue their careers.

Since the start of the transfer window in Cameroon, several players have set sail for Iraq to pursue their careers.

Gustave Moundi, the pioneer

More and more, Cameroonian footballers favor the Iraqi destination in order to pursue their career. One of the first to leave the Cameroonian championship for this Middle Eastern country is Gustave Moundi. The emblematic captain of Union Sportive de Douala, 30, surprised several sports analysts by signing in 2015 with Electric Club Charaba, a Premier League club.

The president of the Nassaras Kamakai at the time, Franck Happi, had justified this transfer by the fact that the Iraqi financial offer was better. So, the Cameroonian defender could now ensure his old age, with a normal salary that he almost never received in Cameroon.

A series of talent leaks

Several of his compatriots have taken the path of Iraq, thanks to this period of the Mercato. Lambert Ngueme Araina, the former Coton Sport de Garoua pyrotechnician, preferred to sign for Karbala Sport rather than return to his native land, after a lousy experience at AS FAR in Rabat. The 24-year-old striker has attracted his ex-teammate from Garoua: Hervé Ngomo. The Coton Sport defender was first announced in Tanzania, notably at SC Simba. But it is ultimately in the land of two rivers that the 26-year-old Cameroonian international will continue his career with Newroz Sport Club.

He will again oppose Giresse Tamo who also signed up for two seasons last week with Karbala Sport. The Stade Renard de Melong striker could form an attacking pair with his compatriot Lambert Ngueme Araina. According to our information, other Cameroonians could be signed in the coming days.

The quest for better salary conditions

This new destination popular with Cameroonian footballers can only be explained by the search for better salary treatment, since in Cameroon, the living conditions of players have not always improved. Many of them do not hesitate to “go into exile” to hope for a better life.

One of the hobbyhorses of Samuel Eto’o, the president of the Cameroonian football federation, will be to create conditions for the development of local footballers. A site that he also attacked with a new salary grid determined for footballers. But before succeeding well, the players hit the exotic destinations for the moment.

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