iOS 16 will not make your old iPhone slower, on the contrary

Yesterday Apple delivered the first stable and consumer version of its iOS 16 operating system. With this update, many features are coming. But according to popular legend, the arrival of so many changes is not good news for old devices.

Although iOS 16 is available from iPhone 8, owners of old telephones (more than two or three years old) will not update for fear of seeing the performance and autonomy of their device collapse. But despite the tenacity of this rumor, it is completely unfounded.

iOS 16: the update for iPhone 14 only?

iOS 16, even installed on old devices is a very good thing. If the advantages in terms of cybersecurity are well established, autonomy and performance are reviewed with the arrival of this update.

According to the first benchmarks carried out on iPhone 8 under iOS 16, the performances are “at least similar to those under iOS 15″. The phenomenon observed therefore seems to be the opposite of what was expected. The performance isn’t worse, it’s the same or even better, according to the tests.

As far as autonomy is concerned, the observation is the same. The arrival of this new update has no impact on battery life. So obviously, after a day under iOS 16big conclusions can not really be drawn, the first estimates are very good on this.

A beneficial update for older iPhones

Many testers and experts from the Apple brand explain that the results in terms of autonomy would be even better under iOS 16 than with iOS 15. Apple had also mentioned the subject during the presentation of its new system. operating last June. The update has been designed for the new iPhone 14, but also for older devices. The idea is to make their battery last as long as possible, making better use of the energy.

If your phone no longer holds a charge in the next few days, it won’t be iOS 16’s fault. Instead, you should change the phone’s battery. A repair more or less expensive depending on the modelbut which allows the device to regain its initial autonomy. – Official App

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