iOS 16 update: what does it change? (recap)

This novelty is the most awaited by all Apple users: being able to extensively customize your lock screen. You can choose what appears on your screen: time, date, reminders, alarms, news, weather… But that’s not all, you can also choose the color, but also the font of the elements you choose. You can choose one of your photos, randomly choose a photo from your gallery, put Apple wallpapers, or even put the planets of the solar system (with which you can interact).

Now you can create multiple lock screen backgrounds and switch between them quickly with one click. To change your lock screen wallpapers, go to your lock screen and hold down for a few seconds. A menu will open, and let yourself be guided.

By clicking on “Focus”, you can associate a concentration mode with your lock screen.

If you have Spotify, when you listen to music, your lock screen automatically changes by putting the album cover as well as the bar to pause, forward or backward or change music directly. Nice, right?

Now your notifications appear at the bottom of the screen in a stack. You can change the appearance of your notifications to arrange them as a list or only display the number of notifications by going to your device’s settings (in the “Notifications” section).

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