Initiated in artistic photography

Eight children, aged 9 to 14, spent five days with Laurent Baude, visual photographer, teacher at the Orléans School of Art and Design.

Accompanied by educators from the Home Placement Support System (Dapad) or the Anjorrant Social Children’s Home (Mecs), they surveyed the Curembourg sector, strongly marked by the radio tower and the castle of water. Then, they devoted themselves to the production of hybrid images, mixing film, digital and drawing.

Laurent Baude also allowed them to make pinhole cameras from recycled material or to discover the darkroom he had set up in a small room.

A week full of discoveries

This action was part of the “cultural summer 2022” operation, funded by the Ministry of Culture and the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (Drac) Centre-Val de Loire.

In addition to giving children the opportunity to learn about an artistic practice, it allowed educators to establish a bond of a different nature with them. Indeed, the Dapad monitors minors entrusted to Childhood Social Assistance in their family environment, at the rate of one to three weekly visits, for a renewable period of six months. If the educators know them well, they do not necessarily have the opportunity to see them evolve during an activity within a group.

For Sylvain Grignon, head of department, Laurent Baude’s residence will thus have been a “connection accelerator”: an observation which justifies that a second action of the same type should already be envisaged for the end of October.

On Tuesday, the children presented the exhibition to the various partners of the operation as well as to their parents. This will remain visible on the walls of the Dapad (50 rue du Curembourg), testifying to a late summer full of surprises and discoveries.


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