In the middle of a storm, Russell Westbrook sells his villa in Los Angeles!

For several months now, the name of Russell Westbrook has been in all the rumors, and his place is anything but assured. at the Lakers. Moreover, in the heart of the storm, the leader made a decision that will make fans and observers talk: he put his house up for sale!

Will stay ? Won’t stay? A few weeks before the official recovery and training camps, Russell Westbrook still do not know where he will play this season. His name has been in all the rumors since the Lakers did not qualify for the playoffs, but after a relatively quiet summer in the NBA, the point guard is still under contract in his hometown and there are not many candidates to welcome him.

However, according to the latest news from the City of Angels, he would no longer necessarily be against a departure, since his role should be much less important with the arrival of Patrick Beverley. The former Timberwolves will bring defense and outside address with his 38% career 3-point success, two things that Mr. Triple-Double can no longer provide.

Russell Westbrook is asking 30 million for his villa!

On the other hand, he is not ready to pack his bags on any condition, since he would apparently refuse to undergo the greatest possible humiliation for a player of his caliber. In the end, whatever the reality of the situation, the rumors will start again following his decision to sell his house in Brentwood, an upscale neighborhood on the heights of Los Angeles! the WallStreet Journal recount :

Lakers player Russell Westbrook has listed his Los Angeles home at $29.995 million. He had bought this property in the Brentwood district in 2018 for 19 million. Built on a plot of 2 square kilometers, the residence is 1254 square meters. There are 6 bedrooms, a bar, a wine cellar, a gym and a cinema room.

4 years after its acquisition, Russell Westbrook wants to sell his huge villa in Brentwood, for 10 million dollars more than the initial price, a hell of a gain. The question now is whether he is going to buy back in Los Angeles, or if he is sending a clear signal that he wants to leave… Answer in the coming weeks!

WallStreet Journal (DR)

If it turns out, Russell Westbrook just needs a change and he’s already looking to buy another house in Los Angeles. But in this time of rumors, the decision to sell your house is rather fishy…

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