In the absence of a show, the WAC provides the essentials during the 133rd derby

Lhoucine Ammouta: The players showed great determination against an opponent who gave us enormous difficulties.

Moundir Lakbiyer: Any evaluation must be done in due time: towards the end of the first half of the championship

The 133rd derby, played on Sunday at the Mohammed V Sports Complex in Casablanca and counting for the update (6th round) of the Botola Pro D1 football, turned to the advantage of Wydad who folded the debates on the narrow score of 2 goals to 1. After three seasons behind closed doors, the show has found its audience which was indeed there. Nice frescoes on both sides through tifos were brandished, giving this derby its aura that it will never stop boasting about. Don’t be displeased with these bands of nervous and over-excited people who seize the movements of crowds to sow mayhem, this time at the level of the alleys and arteries around the stadium. Brawls broke out, dispersed immediately by the forces of order so that calm could be restored. On the playing field, as expected, one should not expect a copy of the first order. The importance of the stake affected the level of play and we could see two protagonists who played with the handbrake for fear of being clipped to the post. However, the match lacked neither intensity nor rhythm especially during the first half ended in a goalless draw, knowing that the Reds missed a penalty shot by Yahya Jabrane and intercepted by the keeper Anas Zniti. It had to wait until the second half for the WAC, the defending champions and favorites on paper, to unlock the situation with a goal by Aymane El Hassouni, initially denied by the linesman before being validated by the VAR (56th). Led to the mark, the Raja looked to get back into the game, but struggled to produce football capable of destabilizing the wydadie rear-guard which held firm. Even better, Lhoucine Ammouta’s proteges managed to double their lead through Arsene Zola ten minutes from the end of regulation time. Just when everyone thought the carrots were cooked for the Greens, the latter went on the attack in hopes of turning the tide, getting a penalty awarded after VAR consultation and converted by Mohamed Nahiri in the 90th minute Mr. At 2 to 1, the game became even more exciting: WAC had the opportunity to break but the post decided otherwise and Raja, despite his confusing play, continued to push without reaching his goal in a match extended until the 105th minute. At the end of this confrontation, the coach of Wydad, Lhoucine Ammouta, indicated that “the players showed great determination in the face of an opponent who posed enormous difficulties for us. We exploited the weaknesses in the Rajaoui defense to score the two goals of the victory. As for Raja’s coach, the Tunisian Moundir Lakbiyer, he said that “the team’s problem remains efficiency. We have to rectify the shot with the elements we have and any evaluation must be done in due time: towards the end of the first half of the championship”. A victory made to consolidate the WAC at the top of the table, now alone in command with 14 units on the counter, at the moment when the Raja continues to reap the points, sharing 11th place with the MAS (6 pts).


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