“I did it and I assume it!”

Iconic presenter of Love is in the meadow, Karine Le Marchand radiates happiness at 54 years old. His secret? A healthy lifestyle, but not only. Indeed, she fully assumes having gone through the cosmetic surgery box.

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The more time passes, the more Karine Le Marchand thrives in her life as a woman. At 54, the TV host has a string of projects. Always at the head of Love is in the meadowshe also performs on the set of France has an unbelievable talent. Without forgetting that she is about to embark on an environment that she does not yet know. Indeed, she recently announced that she was going to become an actress and that she would be present in a fiction. A new fashion on the side of TV presenters since Stephane Bern and Alessandra Sublet made their TV movie debut this year. And if Karine Le Marchand manages to be present on all fronts, it is thanks to her good humor and her Olympic form.

Karine Le Marchand on cosmetic surgery: “I fixed what was wrong and I live with the rest

Great sportswoman and very attentive about what she eats, Karine Le Marchand shines at 54. In an interview with our colleagues from Current wifeshe explains that she feels very good about herself and has no complexes thanks to cosmetic surgery: “I fixed what was wrong and live with the rest. Of course, my skin isn’t as firm as I was when I was 25, but there’s nothing I can do about it.“. She then tries to change mentalities with regard to these operations which aim to modify or improve certain visible parts of the body. “There are people full of energy, life and envy who are physically worn out and tired. I think it’s disabling on a daily basis not to recognize yourself in the image that you send back“, she declares.

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The host of Love is in the meadow assume: “Me, I had surgery

She insists that everyone is free in their actions and regrets that judgments are made when people go through surgery. I am against this hypocrisy which consists in telling women that they have to stay young and beautiful, but without ever doing anything ‘otherwise it doesn’t feel natural’“. One thing is certain for Karine Le Marchand, she is not ashamed to talk about her operations: Me, I had surgery, and I assume it!. That’s said!

The full interview with Karine Le Marchand can be found in the magazine Current wife on newsstands tomorrow.

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