“I am happy with our transfer window”

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti appeared at a press conference before the match against Bétis (Saturday, 4:15 p.m.).

How does it feel to be back at the Bernabéu? “A good feeling. We had some really good times last year at our stadium. We start with a tough game against a team that will be competitive.”

Lots of wins from the start. Will we see anything different at home tomorrow? “Our idea does not change. We want to keep the same identity. It may be that at home we are a little more intense, a little more aggressive. Tomorrow’s game is difficult because Betis are playing very well, they are in a good dynamic, he is confident. At this stage, the season really starts because we start playing every three days.”

Are Real the same favorite as last year? “We are more favorites this season because of what we did last year. I think this year La Liga will be more competitive. In the Champions League there are no favorites at the moment, that depends on what happens in March and April. We have fewer doubts now than last year. We have a very good squad, with positions doubled. We will compete and fight.”

A calm transfer window for Madrid. The Premier League plays at a different pace, can you compete with that? “I don’t know when it will stop. The objective, for each league, is to try to get closer to it, by improving the quality of the game, the atmosphere, by having new stadiums, by avoiding violence … The Premier League got a head start in this regard. With the sale of television rights, they won against the other leagues.”

Hazard: how do you see him and is he affected? “No, he has no physical problems, he is training well. I will repeat what I say every time… He will have a more important role than last year. After three games, he is difficult to take stock of a season. We will make this assessment at the end. I am convinced that he will have an important role.”

Tchouaméni’s position, what adjustments should the team make with him? “Camavinga played there last year, Kroos is reliable in that position. It depends on how we want to play the games. If you have a very controlled game, Kroos can give us a lot more, if you need more energy, Camavinga and Tchouaméni can do it better. The team in midfield is very strong, we have everything: youth, intelligence, quality, positioning. The problem is to choose the three people who will start the match. With the changes we have, we can change the dynamics of matches.”

The workforce: “We evaluated the departures. The transfer window was closed with the signing of Tchouaméni. Regarding the departures, we talked about certain situations: Casemiro, Asensio… I’m happy with the transfer window, because the players who could leave, I can count on them.

An important day tomorrow? “Every game is important, every game day is important. Difficult times happen to all teams. The important thing is to get out of this difficult moment fairly quickly.”

How are you going to get Asensio back? “He is happy to stay here. We know him and he knows the team. He was important last season and he will be again this season.”

Players with one year left on their contract: Benzema, Modric, Kroos, Ceballos, Asensio… “The future of this club belongs to these players. We know very well what can happen with them. The same with Nacho. If they want to, they are players who can stay until the end of their career. I don’t think it’s going to affect them. Now there are a lot more players coming out of contract because clubs are currently more focused on the club economy and they don’t want to risk investing in the future. For our veterans, the future is very clear.”

Asensio, Mariano and Odriozola remain. Which is better from a player’s point of view, staying or going for playing time? “Everyone has their own opinion. Always play in a team that is not as competitive as Real Madrid in all competitions, or play less but still be important. The important thing is not so much the number of games what you play, but what games you play and what you do when you play… Players who play less also end up being decisive.”

Did you have any influence on Ceballos’ choice to stay? “Dani knows his role here very well. He knows we’re going to see him a lot. He has quality. I think he feels the affection because he’s a player we value and he complements a very good midfield thanks to his characteristics.”

What surprised you the most about Tchouameni and what instructions do you give him? “I wasn’t surprised at all, because we know him very well. He’s an amazing signing for the club. He showed what we thought of him. We work with him more on the defensive side, but we “We also need him to get used to the characteristics of other players. It takes a bit of time. Playing with Modric and Kroos is different than playing with Valverde and Camavinga. For him, it changes his positioning a bit.”

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