Huawei Nova 10 Pro In Review

Huawei introduced the nova 10 series to the global market during IFA 2022 in Berlin. We attended the conference and the keynote address and we even had time to hands-on first impressions with the Pro version.

Now the nova 10 Pro is with us at HQ and while we’ve already revealed its most impressive feats at a glance, here’s what Huawei packs into the box.

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The nova series has always been all about design and the 10 Pro is as pretty as a smartphone can get. Our silver unit has a smooth matte coating with the nova logo standing out. The power key has a neat red accent and the whole device fits perfectly in the palm.

The body is incredibly thin for such a phone, but the three-stage camera island bulges out a lot. Not only does this cause it to wobble massively on a flat surface, but it also makes the phone very heavy.

Huawei nova 10 Pro in review

The color gold is generally accepted as a symbol of glamor and prestige in China, and Huawei has spent a lot to accentuate the flamboyance of the nova 10 Pro. The Silver unit has the most gold of all, with the outer ring and circle around the main camera in the middle.

The color is also present on the default wallpaper, and since the phone comes with EMUI 12 (instead of Harmony OS), there’s a Themes app that can gild even the icons.

Huawei Nova 10 Pro
Huawei Nova 10 Pro

Huawei Nova 10 Pro

The nova 10 Pro has the same chipset as the nova 9 Pro which is limited to LTE. We like that there’s a 100W charger with the appropriate cable in the box and there’s also a clear plastic case. Once you put it on the phone, the camera bump is still there, but it sticks out much less.

We gave the Huawei Nova 10 Pro to our review team. Once they complete the tests and verdicts, the full review will be over, so stay tuned.

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