How Apple Managed to Exploit a Jamaican Law to Hide Dynamic Island

In many countries, it is possible to consult registered trademarks by consulting an online archive. In Jamaica, you must physically go to the office that takes care of these operations.

Apple’s secrets are usually not the best kept in the world. Before the official presentations on Twitter, it is easy to find leaks, previews or intuitive details by other products. A classic are the spoilers on the design of the new devices obtained from the covers put on the market before the launch. For the iPhone 14, Apple has evolved better. Although most of the features of the new smartphone have already been anticipated, the Cupertino company has managed to keep secret until the last one of the most important innovations: the Dynamic Island.

With remarkable integration between software and hardware, Apple has managed to transform the infamous Notch into an island of pixels moving around the sensors of the front camera and those of the FaceId. The dynamic island changes according to the notifications received, it can be used to answer phone calls, to better manage the Maps service and also to manage the playback of songs.

A notable leap for Cupertino, especially compared to competitors. The rumors spoke in fact of the disappearance of the Notch but it seemed that the path chosen by Apple would have been that of a static oval in which to insert all the sensors, as already seen in other models. Apple, for its part, hid its innovation by filing Dynamic Island with the office that deals with the registration of trademarks in Jamaica.

Jamaican trademarks are not online

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Cupertino chose to trademark Dynamic Island in the Caribbean nation because of its trademark registration laws. In fact, in many countries, trademark archives can be consulted online, a very convenient option for those who want to do research, less for those who have something to hide. In Jamaica, on the other hand, to consult the archives of registered trademarks, one must physically go to the office. According to information gathered by Gurman, Apple filed the trademark on July 12.

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